Welcome to Chevy Chase Neighborhood Association.  Please explore our site to find more information for our residents and visitors. Please review the Neighborhood Design Overlay (ND-1) for specific restrictive zoning/building requirements. Within our site you can find more information about meeting times and events such as our calendar of community events.

Membership Dues

Individual/household membership dues for the Chevy Chase Neighborhood Association are only $20 per year. For our business neighbors, the yearly membership dues are $100. We love our neighborhood and our association and we need your help and support in keeping it great!

Individual/Household: $20


Business: $100

Defining Art In the Public Eye

2014-10-20: Broader concerns about the use of the public viewshed and how and where mural art appears in Lexington.. . .more

Hard Work and Input Pay Off This Week

2014-10-13: Art Bar, Lexington's new Senior Citizen Center, and the local cable dilemna.. . .more

Turning Over a New Leaf with Leaf Collection

2014-10-13: All leaf collection details, the one pass rule, and collection monitoring.. . .more

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