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Fireworks Ordinance 2013

7/1/13: The back and forth conversation about fireworks has left some confused as to what is legal to light this coming Fourth of July in Lexington- Fayette County, so we thought we would clarify what is allowable here.  . . . .more

Share the Road! Bike safety 

7/1/13: Ride safely. Drive safely. That’s the message to you from city and community safety partners this season; as you hit the road, explore a trail or enjoy a scenic journey from the seat of your favorite two- or four-wheeled vehicle.  . . .more

Ecton Park Vandalism - Community Inn - Senior Citizen Center

7/1/13: Dear Neighbor, Several quickies from around our area and the city. Ecton Park Through the recent baseball tournament in Ecton Park and a bit after, there has been some vandalism to the dugouts and scoreboard areas. . . .more

Cell Tower in Chevy Chase

6/7/13: This week offered great opportunity to discuss the upcoming hearing about a possible cell tower addition to the existing site on Duke Road. The Planning Commission has set that meeting for Thursday, June 13th at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers. . . more

Great American Pie Contest

6/7/13: Do you make an awesome pie? Here’s your chance to compete for best in the Bluegrass. The Great American Pie Contest and Ice Cream Social, hosted by Alltech, is one of the first events of this year’s 4th of July Festival in downtown Lexington.  . . . more

 Volunteer for Kentucky River Sweep

6/7/13: The Kentucky River remains one of our state’s greatest natural resources and serves as the drinking water source for Lexington. This year’s event will be held on June 15th at the Clays Ferry Boat Dock on Highway 25 under I-75. . . .more

Ashland Summer Lawn Party

6/7/13: Summer’s Best Party, the Ashland Lawn Party, will be held Saturday, June 22nd at the Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate on the beautiful back lawn of . . . .more

Summer Jazz in Lexington 2013

5/13/13: Big Band & Jazz, one of Lexington’s longest running and most beloved con- cert series, features great jazz and big band music weekly. The May and June concerts will be held at the Moondance at Midnight Pass Amphitheatre in Beaumont Circle while the July and August concerts will take place at Ecton Park. . . more

Food Truck Work Group Votes to Approve Pilot Project

5/13/13: Second District Councilmember Shevawn Akers announced yesterday that the Food Truck Work Group has agreed upon a food truck pilot program. The Food Truck Work Group was formed in late January, with the purpose of crafting a new Food Truck Ordinance. . . more

Kentucky American Water Seeks to Raise Rates

5/13/13: The Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) Spending by Special Education will hold a meeting in Lexington later this month to receive public comments on the request for a rate increase by the Kentucky-American Water Company (KAW).. . . more

Proper Way to Set out Waste Management Carts

5/13/13: A letter from Jim Gray: As we strive to continue to serave our neighborhoods more efficientl, we ask that yo uhelp us spread the message on the proper way to set out our Waste Management Carts (Herbie, Rosie and Lenny).  . . more


New Cell Tower at Duke Road

4/26/13: Of much interest and some concern to neighbors in the Chevy Chase area is the potential upgrade of the 121-foot cell tower at 361 Duke Road. The upgraded tower will enhance the current 3G network to 4G, with an increase in height to 180 feet and the potential to add two new carriers to the network. . . more

Bourbon to Pour at Ashland

4/26/13: Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate continues its Arbor Celebration on Sunday from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. with a Tree and Bourbon Trail event featuring their historic trees, some of which date back to the 1800s w h e n “ T h e Great Compromiser” lived there.. . more

Final Approval on Tates Creek Sidewalks

4/26/13: The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Local Programs (OLP), has officially reviewed the bid documents submitted for the Tates Creek Road Sidewalk Project. . . .more

Big Plans for the Future

4/15/13: The Mayor presented quite a budget this past Tuesday, all in about 1500 words. No charts or video links— just the podium and an attentive audience all as rapt as I. The Council’s delve into this spending plan has just begun. . . .more

Senior Intern Program 2013

4/15/13: If you’re 50 and older, you’re invited to learn more about your local government by enrolling in the 2013 Senior Intern Program.This year’s program will be held June 10th through the 14th. . . .more

Corridors Grants Now Open

4/15/13: The Corridors Commission is currently accepting applications for the Corridors Neighborhood Match Grant program. The program’s objective is to partner with neighborhood and other communitybased groups to enhance the corridors leading into and out of Lexington and to increase awareness of corridor enhancements. . . more


Smart 911

I am assisting the Lexington 9-1-1 center spread the word about the Smart911 service offered to residents for free.  Smart911 allows people to create a Safety Profile that will be visible to 9-1-1 call takers in the event of an emergency call . . .more

Redcross Preparedness Information

The Bluegrass Chapter of the Red Cross would like to share some valuable information with your neighborhood association and your community members.  The Red Cross is committed to sharing emergency and disaster preparedness tips with individuals and families.  . . . more

$2500 Scholarship Deadline Approaches

3/1/13: The Lauren K. Weinberg Scholarship provides a one-time $2,500 award toward college tuition for a high school senior who demonstrates a dedication to racial and ethnic understanding due March 30th . . . more

Seedlings Available

3/1/13: With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan your tree-planting activities by ordering tree seedlings through the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF). Nearly 50 tree species including white oak, black walnut, eastern white pine, baldcypress, yellow-poplar, redbud, persimmon, pawpaw and hazelnut are available by calling (800) 866-0555. . . more

Collision-Heavy Streets in Lexington Now Exposed

3/1/13: Often we receive requests for information on accidents that occur on the district's more heavilytraveled streets and roads. Released earlier this week by Division of Police Traffic Analyst Julie Shaw, the 2012 Traffic Analysis Summary and Comparison Report is a . . . more

Win a Free Worm Bin!

2/20/13: The city’s Waste Management Division and the Fayette County Extension Office are once again offering free Home Composting Workshops for anyone interested in how to start or improve a home composting system. ...more

Neighborhood Speed Signs

2/20/13: It’s always a good thing when good ideas spread from one neighborhood to another. Not for the first time, we have received inquiries as to how the Kenwick neighborhood came up with their “Please Slow Down” signage.  . . . more

Roots in Sewer Lines

2/20/13:  A s part of the LFUCG infrastructure program, Municipal Sales, Inc. has been contracted to inject chemical foam that will control and inhibit root growth into the sanitary sewers in areas of the 5th District over the next several days. . . . more

2012 Health Department Restaurant Posting

2/8/13: With recent news of a popular Mexican restaurant being closed due to cockroach infestation, you’ll be happy to know that to help diners in Lexington stay better informed, . . . more

Gem a Big Part of Why WUKY Rocks

2/8/13: With a voice that is to radio as Bourbon is to Kentucky, this week’s Gem has received numerous awards for his on-air accomplishments. This week we sat down with WUKY’s Alan Lylte to see how he keeps things covered. This is what he had to say.  . . .more

Zoning Enforcement Removing Signs

2/8/12: The Zoning Enforcement Section of the Division of Planning is conducting a concentrated illegal sign enforcement effort beginning the week of February 11th. . . .more


Parking on Montavesta Road Soon to Change

 Prior to the holiday break, there was much discussion about parking on Montavesta Road between Lansdowne Drive and Wood Valley Court after a wreck occurred in the area . . . more

Chevy Chase ND-1, Not Undone

 Many residents of the Chevy Chase Neighborhood Association have expressed concern over work being done to the property at 1491 Tates Creek Road, . . . more

LexCall Releases December 2012 Data

In the 21 working days of the month of December, LexCall answered 14,336 calls and initiated 4,687 service requests. Additionally, LexCall answered 139 calls for the Council Office . . .more

The New Year and Some New Resolutions

 While the month is more than half over there is still time for me to wish you all Happy 2013! There are plenty of items to catch up on. Let’s get started! . . . more

5th District Newsletter

The 5th District newsletter for January is available for download. Download it here.  Previous months newsletters are available on our Newletter page.

Report From The Front Lines Of The War On Crime

December 14, 2012

Ray Larson, Fayette Commonwealth's Attorney It seems the public's interest in crime and courts has never been higher. All one has to do is look at the lineup of television programs devoted to cops and robbers, jails and prisons, solving crimes or lawyers either prosecuting criminals or defending them ...more

5th District Newsletter

The 5th District newsletter for December 14 is available for download. Download it here.  Previous months newsletters are available on our Newletter page.

Police Launches 2 Social Websites

December 8, 2012
The Lexington Division of Police is launching two social networking pages on: Facebook and Nixle. . . .more

Change of Zone

December 8, 2012
Following up on the Council’s recent zone change hearing about a possible Hampton Inn on Southland Drive near Nicholasville Road, there is also a Development Plan that has been filed (see page 5) with the Planning Commission about part of the lakefront property once called Two Lakes . . . more

Festival of Lights Begins

December 8, 2012
Whether you choose the spelling Chanukkah or Hanukkah, the first night of the celebration begins tomorrow night and with it festivities at two local synagogues: Ohavay Zion Synagogue (OZS) at 2048 Edgewater Court and Temple Adath Israel (TAI) at 214 North Ashland Avenue . . . more

LEXserv Drop Box now on Main

December 8, 2012
If you’re still deciding the best payment method for your monthly LEXserv bill, you can now combine the ease of dropping your bill payment off with the convenience of staying in your car by using the new LEXserv payment box.  ... more

CCNA General Meeting 2013 

March 18, 2013 Chevy Chase Neighborhood Assn General Meeting 7:00-8:00 P.M. Christ the King Hehman Hall

5th District Newsletter

The 5th District newsletter for December 8 is available for download. Download it here.  Previous months newsletters are available on our Newletter page.

Leaf Collection

Lexington Fayette Urban County Government 2012 leaf vacuum pick up has been competed in the Chevy Chase Neighborhood as of Friday 11/30/12. There will not be another leaf vacuuming in the neighborhood in 2012. All leaves must now be placed in the yard waste containers or paper yard waste bags for pick up on regular collection days. Please call 311 if you need coupons to redeem for free paper yard waste bags at local stores including Chevy Chase Hardware, Kroger & Home Depot.

Crime Alert 

November 9, 2012
Hello Neighbors, With all of the elections over and no football game this Saturday, today seems almost quiet. Crime continues and I want to ask all of you to be careful and vigilant. I can’t tell you for sure that there is more crime, but there is for sure more neighborhood conversation about it. I’m asking you to pay more attention to your surroundings and by locking cars . . . more

5th District Newsletter

The 5th District newsletter for November is available for download. Download it here.  Previous months newsletters are available on our Newletter page.

Leaf Collection Nov 26, 2012

LFUCG will begin leaf removal November 26, 2012 for the Chevy Chase Neighborhood. This will be the only collection for the year so it is important to have your leaves ready and gathered before the pickup date. . . . more

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