Leaf Collection: The Fight, the Fury and the Future

Leaf collection is a work in progress that while better this year, might need some tweaking in the next. We do give kudos to Rob Allen, Deputy Director of Streets and Roads, for his efforts, which as of 12:30 this morning ended and began again at 6:00 a.m. His goal not only includes leaf collection, but the impending frost or heaven forbid snowfall over impending winter weeks, hoping to keep roads snow- and ice-free for all things safety- and UK-game related. We asked Rob if we could share his very candid e-mail to Council this week regarding leaf collection progress and he obliged.

“We are right on schedule for our collection calendar. Last year it took a week and a half to finish our first two zones. The extended hours have really helped. One future problem that I foresee is the large number of citizens putting leaves out after collection has passed. If we are nearby, the crews have picked them up but on Thursday we move into different subzones. Citizens who state they were ‘missed’ will need to use the waste bags or their Lennys. We cannot stay on schedule if we have to move out of the current service areas.

“We have 2 trucks down out of 13 collection vehicles. Fleet has done a fantastic job working with us and partnering to keep our aging collection fleet on the road. We are averaging two to four vehicle or vacuum breakdowns per day and so far they have managed to get everything back into service in a timely manner.

“GIS and Environmental Services have done a fantastic job updating the interactive map and website. Chris Doerge and Malcolm Stallons deserve a big thanks for their good work. LexCall has done their usual good work getting the calls and work orders to us and answering inquiries from the public. The communication components have been the shining stars of collection thus far.

So, in summary, leaf collection is on time and the maps and communications are working smoothly. If the weather continues to cooperate we will have a highly successful season.”

Actively, this office has been on the streets monitoring progress. In the photo above, crews were actually idling progress while a neighbor finished raking leaves to the curb (not to the street!). Crews made attempts to slow down where they could. One piece of misinformation provided to Council was that No Parking signs would be put out prior to collection days. Internally, that issue is being discussed and future plans, again, will be properly tweaked. We have faith in our crews and hope you do, too.

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