Paving An End to 2014

Dear Neighbor,

As this is the last e-newsletter of the year, I want to wish you and your family the best for the holidays and 2015!

Over the next week—weather permitting— the larger work for the Chevy Chase Pedestrian Improvement Plan will be complete. As I noticed that the new Kroger parking lot was paved this week, the same will happen here further down the block. First, the old pavement will be milled, as needed, for replacement. That means the area from Billy’s Bar-B-Q and Barbara Ann’s School of Dance all the way around to Starbuck’s and from some distance up Fontaine Road, through the intersection and down to Domino’s Pizza. As the price of oil and asphalt have moderated, if funds prevail, it is my hope that as much of South Ashland Avenue from High Street to Ashland Terrace can also be included, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Once the milling is done—in hopefully one day—the paving crew will follow on the next. While it’s a lot of milling and paving work right at the holiday season, the want is to get it finished before the asphalt plants close for the winter. Traffic markings will follow directly but all of the nuisance of the stripping plan will ultimately take another couple of days to finish. This will be a time of transition for parking by Rite Aid, Morris Bookshop and Liquor Barn Express. With new spaces and signage there will be both more and safer parking in that area. Meanwhile KU has been signaled to put up streetlights where they have been positioned. Somewhere in all of this the orange barrels will leave if not with Santa Clause, then sooner! For now contemplate your blessings and those of your family. Enjoy them and your time together.

The Mayor and Council will be sworn in on Sunday, January 4th at the Bluegrass Ballroom of the Lexington Center. Part ceremony; part history and civics. I welcome all of you to come. I appreciate the new year and the ability to continue to serve you and the Fifth Council District.

My very best,


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