New Year Means New Asks for the 5th District

Dear Neighbor,

This issue is dedicated to faces that perhaps you haven’t seen before. We’re profiling our new Council Members and even here is the Mayor swearing in our new Chief of Police Mark Barnard on Monday! I know at last night’s Council meeting several of us posed for new head shots. Here’s hoping he got all of our good sides!

The committee, work session and Council meetings had the slight air of a shakedown cruise. New folks. New seats. Microphones, cameras and all the meeting hardware. All went well and seems fine. As a reminder you can stream old content or live meetings through the city website. (Click here to go to the GTV3 page.)

I had my first budget meeting with the Mayor this week too. It was kind of a broad brush first effort toward gathering priorities. The meeting was quite constructive. I left him with several>
First, the need for more and more consistent paving funding both for arterial and neighborhood streets. We have done great work over the last couple of years of paving; but we were behind so there’s still a long list of needed repaving projects. I’m always glad to hear your suggestions.

I am continuing my work to bring restrooms to Lansdowne-Merrick Park. The addition in recent years of walk and exercise stations, ball fields and tennis courts shows the level of interest and usage in the park. A place to use the bathroom seems only proper.

This budget should also see the funding completed for the replacement of Fire Station #2 from north New Circle Road to Eastland Drive near Chase Bank. A net gain for all!

After the success of the Tate’s Creek Road sidewalks, I’ve asked the administration to consider some sort of sidewalk treatment for Liberty Road from its beginning point to New Circle Road. It’s not quite the State road that Tate’s Creek Road is, but it’s heavily pedestriantraveled with cars and trucks all in close proximity.

I’ve had requests for a traffic signal at Alumni and Lakeside Drive for years. I am asking the administration for diligence on that need now and hopefully the funds to remedy the intersection as needed. All of this is an early first pass and there is certainly more to come!

One interesting item on last night’s docket was the first reading of the agreements needed to begin the sidewalk and pedestrian upgrade for Liberty Road at Winchester. This would repair the storm water drop and define the roadway from the sidewalk and the private property there. What a great thing.

With new hands on deck we are off to a great start!

Enjoy the weekend, the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday and the opening of the new Kroger in Chevy Chase!

My Best,


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