Whirlwind Week Ends At Kroger

Dear Neighbor,

With the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday and the state of the merged government address on Tuesday it's been a busy week.

The Martin Luther King Day breakfast was excellent and well attended followed by the grand march. What a beautiful morning for a special day.

The Mayor was more than up to the task for the address Tuesday. In brief, Lexington and Fayette County are doing well and will continue to do so. In broad themes Mayor Gray is focusing on Town Branch and what uncovering it can mean to downtown. Continuing the work to reclaim the Old Courthouse is also in his vision. This is more than a building and its meaning to Lexington’s past and future can’t be overstated or overlooked. Lastly from purely a good steward standpoint we need to begin in earnest to build a better City Hall. Our old Lafayette Hotel home is costing us all quite a bit to keep up. In fact if you come to City Hall now, you walk in through two -story-tall scaffolding in place to repair a sewer leak in the old lobby ceiling. The city needs a different type of space based on current security needs, and the building could now become new residence space in the center of downtown. The Mayor delivered his speech in the best form I’ve seen and the Council seemed both receptive and positive; but this was only the first stanza of the budgeting ballad.

The world changed yesterday as the new Kroger on Euclid Avenue opened. I was there and found it hard to believe I was in Chevy Chase. The whole event was great and Coach Cal did a great job getting the Kroger platoons ready to shop! The shopping area itself is beautiful and well appointed in every way. The cafe is inviting and where else in town are two Starbucks located so closely together? I walked the parking deck; it’s an engineering masterpiece. A well-lit expanse with a slight tilt that channels all the rain and snow to one side. The public art is special and local. I stepped through the “Wine and Spirit” shop too. If ever there was a business designed to attract a target market, this one time Shell station née video store is put together with purpose.

Take a chance and stop into one or both of these new businesses. You might be pleasantly surprised.

My best,


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