Police to Step Up Patrol In the 5th District

Dear Neighbor,

There are several things to cover today before we all hopefully enjoy the weekend.

Following a particularly brazen 3:00 a.m. burglary/robbery on Norborne Drive, the Division of Police has readily agreed to step up patrols in our area. I appreciate their help and am sorry for the need. From following Bureau of Patrol reports this week there are a couple of things to keep in mind. In instances I am aware of, the police have been quite effective in being able to retrieve stolen property. We all appreciate that. Also, remember not all the bad guys are that smart. In fact they might even be impaired by whatever addiction is driving them. That said, we all have more than a reasonable expectation to sleep safe and sound in our homes. The professionals of our police force work hard each day for all of us. We as good neighbors should look out for one another too. Let’s make this a crime wave—and say goodbye to it by continuing to be involved neighbors and appreciative of the work of our sworn services.

I do have some follow up comments from the Kroger opening on Euclid Avenue. The new market continues to be a popular tourist destination from cities that surround Lexington. I didn’t see that coming! Also, it seems that Kroger has plans to expand the current Chinoe Village location. I’m not sure how, but it’s to add more shopping area and increase the stock size. I don’t have the time table but I do know it’s coming. When I asked specifically about the fate of the Kroger on Romany Road, I got a fairly simple answer: Kroger is going to “let the numbers decide.” What I take from that is the more you like that store, the more you might want to shop there. I’ve been monitoring the parking lot up there since the new opening on Euclid and have found it remains quite busy.

I have my first meeting with Traffic Engineering next week regarding traffic calming measures throughout the district. I’m interested to see what they think is possible and I will be following up neighborhood by neighborhood with their ideas to make the best changes possible.

This past week the Council was busy, and among the non-headline grabbing business were several questions and answers about sewer projects and funding, especially as it pertains to the EPA Consent Decree under which we are now operating. Our city works each day to keep the sewer in the sewer system and not in the creeks and streams. Next week I and other Council Members will be following up on this discussion as we focus on what’s being spent and what needs to be done. It promises to be an interesting discussion.

I’ll circle back with you here next week. Enjoy the uptick in temperature while it lasts.

My best,


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