Coming Together As Neighbors Accomplishes Much

Dear Neighbor,

There is plenty of the week to choose from for today’s e-newsletter.

I enjoyed the Idle Hour Neighbor’s Association meeting on Monday evening. They always have a fine gathering and had even decorated the tables in a Valentine’s Day theme. Pat Duggar from the Division of Emergency Management gave a great presentation. Being ready for all types of emergencies is about planning ahead. She gave examples some of us might not think of and had valuable materials for folks of all ages. From signing up for weather event notifications to training for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to including your pets in your family disaster plans, the Emergency Management staff can help. Click here for a closer look at plans available.

By far the meetings of the week were far less important than events in the greater Lakeshore area. The normally quiet neighborhood off of Lakeshore Drive and beyond Henry Clay High School has been rocked these past two weeks with a series of break-ins and burglaries that are only more scary because of their boldness. You’ll be able to read the Lexington Herald- Leader article from today’s paper but after the last incidents on Tuesday night, my day Wednesday was all about both hearing from folks and moving into action. After last week’s first set of crimes, we through the Council Office had asked police for increased patrols. That did not deter the actions of this week. We had a hastilycalled meeting graciously hosted by the Lakeshore Village neighborhood last evening.

The standing-room-only event included neighbors recounting of thieves entering homes in the middle of the night. In two instances making their way to the bedrooms of the homeowners. The details were chilling. shows just how close together the events came.

As the press release on page 3 does here and the police personnel stated last evening, several juveniles have been apprehended. That having been done, the basis for neighborhood security—in any neighborhood—is communication among good neighbors. Events such as these galvanize individuals into groups. As I told the assembly from the Lakeshore area, the best thing that could come of last night’s meeting was another meeting—that being to organize a neighborhood association. Communicate with each other via social media and e-mail.

To note for all who attended last night, the Lakeview Estates Neighborhood Association Facebook page is now visible on that platform. As with other neighborhood associations within the 5th District, it’s a closed group, but all who live in and around should send a request invite.

We all deserve to sleep securely in our beds, and our sworn officers see to that in their best professional ability. As I like to say, no call too small. If you see something untoward or out of place do not hesitate to call 911 or (859) 258-3600. Make a report and let the police handle it. We will have a safety and security meeting in that area again soon and when it’s warmer, a district -wide meeting.

For now, get to know a neighbor better. Use to see what is happening around your neighborhood. It’s great to say crime stats are down but better to say my neighborhood is stronger because we have a great association.

My best,


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