Cold Weather Sparks Changes to Homeless Shelter Plans

The Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention has activated the Emergency Weather Plan. This activation is due to anticipated cold temperatures beginning tonight and lasting through the weekend. This activation is through Monday, February 16th and may be extended pending review of weather forecasts.

The Emergency Weather Plan provides a coordinated response for times when extreme cold or other weather related circumstances create additional, immediate need for expanded capacity to assist people experiencing homelessness in Lexington. Extreme temperatures or unusual amounts of snow or ice often force people to seek shelter who may not otherwise seek assistance. In some cases, people struggling with mental illness may not seek shelter and require additional intervention for their own safety. This plan ensures Lexington is prepared for these situations.

The Emergency Weather Plan will be activated on any day when temperatures are expected to be consistently below 32 degrees and/or when weather conditions otherwise dictate as determined by the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention. Any time the plan has been activated the Office of Homelessness will notify local media, provide updates on social media, and notify all organizations that work with people experiencing homelessness. It’s important to note that, unless otherwise stated, these shelters and services are always available to people in Lexington who experience homelessness. The Emergency Weather Plan activates some changes such as transportation or extended hours but Lexington is fortunate to have a strong network of shelters and service providers that is able to meet most needs even during weather emergencies. Click here for a list of 24-hour emergency shelters, day shelters and warming centers and available transportation services.

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