LexCall Hits Big Numbers in 2015

In the 20 working days of the month of February, LexCall answered 17,980 calls and initiated 6,748 service requests. Additionally, LexCall answered 143 calls for the Council Office and 240 calls for the Mayor’s Office. LexCall 311 also received 68 iPhone/Android e-mails and 520 webmails that were entered into the LexCall program as service requests.

Let’s add last week’s snow event. LexCall took in 4,943 phone calls between March 2nd through the 6th alone. The requests for snow removal, salt requests, reports of slick spots and all other sorts of mayhem were taken in stride by LexCall’s staff, who kept lines of communication running between the various divisions that support city services. For that, the 5th District Office is quite grateful.

Now back to February. The number one service request for February was “request for snow removal.” There were 1,727 for Streets and Roads and 1,086 for Sewer Line Maintenance. The divisions that generated the most service requests for the month were as follows:

  • Waste Management
  • Streets & Roads
  • Water Quality
  • Code Enforcement
  • Traffic Engineering
Pat Tatum, Manager of LexCall offers this tip on how to request a pothole repair using LexCall 311: “If your Lex- Call 311 customer service specialist asks what appears to be a lot of questions, it is because we must relay all the details to the responding division who will in turn use the information to do their jobs. For example, if we simply report that there is a pothole at Upper and Main streets, we may place it on the regular schedule for repair not knowing there is a much larger issue. Additional questioning would reveal that the pothole is actually in the main flow of traffic and is enormous. So we ask for your patience as we ask multiple questions which may not seem necessary to you, but could have a large impact on the resolution of the request.”

Many times the recognizable teams that support city services ride on garbage trucks, wear neon vests or hardhats. The staff at LexCall wields a phone system, friendly temperaments but are otherwise invisible. The next time you call LexCall, thank them for their tremendous value!

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