ARTICLE I. Boundaries


Section 1.      The Chevy Chase Neighborhood Association (CCNA) includes the area bounded as follows:


A.           Chenault Road to Cooper Drive.

B.           Chinoe Road to Tates Creek.


ARTICLE II. Purposes and Objectives


Section 1.      The CCNA (Not For Profit) is organized to promote, preserve and improve the neighborhood by means of informal exchange and civic, social and advocatory activities.


ARTICLE III. Membership


Section 1.      Residents and/or property owners within the boundaries defined in Article 1. Members of neighborhood associations within the boundaries may also be members of the CCNA if they want to belong to both associations. Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors and payable annually. CCNA meeting February 5, 2007; membership voted to change by-laws to have the officers position of Secretary/Treasurer into separate positions; to change by-laws to provide two signatures on CCNA checks, the signatures of President and Vice-president; Treasurer does not sign checks but maintains CCNA bookkeeping.


ARTICLE IV.             Officers


Section 1.      The officers of the CCNA are President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.


A.           The President will preside at all meetings of the Membership or Board of Directors. The President shall have and exercise general charge and supervision of the business of the CCNA.


B.           The Vice-President will at the request of the President or in the event of the absence, resignation or incapacity of the President act as President. The Vice-President shall assist in the operation of the CCNA by performing such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors and/or membership.


C.           The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Membership and Board of Directors and shall provide copies of these minutes for record. February 5, 2007; membership voted to change by-laws to have the officers position of Secretary/Treasurer into separate positions.


D.           The Treasurer duties will be to collect dues, keep sound financial records and to make payments as may be necessary or proper on behalf of the CCNA. February 5, 2007; membership voted to change by-laws to have the officers position of Secretary/Treasurer into separate positions.


Section 2.      Term of office will be two years for each officer.


Section 3.      No officer may serve more than two consecutive terms.


ARTICLE V.              Board of Directors


Section 1.      The Board of Directors will be composed of four members of the CCNA and its officers. The composition of the Board must reflect equitable representation.


Section 2.      The Directors shall assist the officers by attending all Board meetings and assuming responsibility for such activities as are required to conduct the business of the CCNA or requested by the membership.


Section 3.      The function of the Board is to conduct the business of the CCNA.


Section 4.      Regular meetings will be scheduled quarterly.


Section 5.      Special meetings can be called by the President or three or more members of the Board.


Section 6.      Term of office of Board members is two years.


Section 7.      A vacancy among members of the Officers or Board of Directors may be filled for the remaining period of the term by action of the Board of Directors.


ARTICLE VI.             Meetings of the Membership


Section 1.      Regular meetings will be held in January, May, and September on the fourth Wednesday of those months. November 20, 2006; membership voted to change by-laws to allow more than three yearly meetings.


Section 2.      Special meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Directors or by the President upon written request of ten percent of the membership.


ARTICLE VII.            Quorums


Section 1.      A quorum for meetings will be ten percent of the membership.


Section 2.      A quorum for Board of Directors meetings will be a majority of the Directors.


ARTICLE VIII.           Voting

Section 1.      An individual must be a member for two weeks prior to a meeting to be eligible to vote.


Section 2.      Each member present may vote.


Section 3.      There will be no votes by proxy.


Section 4.      Votes will be carried by a simple majority of those present.


ARTICLE IX.             Amendments


Section 1.      Notices of proposed amendments to the CCNA By-Laws will be delivered to the members before the meeting, it will discussed and voted on.


Section 2.      To be accepted, an amendment will require approval of the majority of the members present at the meeting.


ARTICLE X.              Committees


Section 1.      A Nominating Committee for the election of a slate of Officers and Directors appointed by the President.


Section 2.      A Special Committee can be set by the Membership or the Board of Directors to research or study an issue that could directly or indirectly affect the neighborhood.


ARTICLE XI.             Policies


Section 1.      The CCNA will be noncommercial and nonpartisan. The CCNA will not endorse commercial enterprises or political candidates.


Section 2.      When appropriate, the CCNA will collaborate with other neighborhood associations.


Section 3.      Information related to the membership will be confidential unless the majority of the Board of Directors vote to divulge something which will be advantageous to the CCNA.


Section 4.      Dues of the Membership will be used to defray costs of correspondence, to pay legal Counsel or Consultants and to finance CCNA projects. Additional fees for special projects, may be collected if approved by the Membership.


ARTICLE XII.            Dissolution of the CCNA


Section 1.      All Members shall be deemed to have expressly consented and agreed that upon dissolution of the CCNA, whether voluntary or involuntary, the assets, of the CCNA, after all debts have been satisfied, then remain in the hands of the Board of Directors. Remaining assets shall be distributed or transferred exclusively to charitable and/or educational organizations


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