Often asked: My Neighbor Totoro How Popular?

Is Totoro famous in Japan?

A big hit at the box office, My Neighbor Totoro remains one of the most iconic movies of Hayao Miyazaki. Totoro is still very popular in Japan, and products featuring him can be found everywhere, just like the places dedicated to him.

What’s so good about Totoro?

I loved the animation and the music. The art direction was cartoony, but at the same time gave all the characters a sense of realism that I never got with other anime. I also thoroughly enjoyed the bus stop scene for which the film is generally known for, as well as the fantastical nature of the film in general.

Is My Neighbor Totoro inappropriate?

My Neighbor Totoro has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. It’s friendly and soft, but some children might find it a little scary. Some scenes show nature as a strong and powerful force.

What’s wrong with Mom in Totoro?

When Hayao Miyazaki and his brothers were children, his mother suffered from spinal tuberculosis for nine years, and spent much of her time hospitalized. It is implied, yet never revealed in the film, that Satsuki and Mei’s mother also suffers from tuberculosis.

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Is Totoro from Spirited Away?

Studio Ghibli Inc. The studio’s mascot and most recognizable symbol is a character named Totoro, who is a giant cat-like spirit from the 1988 anime film My Neighbor Totoro. Among Studio Ghibli’s highest-grossing films are Spirited Away (2001), Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) and Ponyo (2008).

What’s the point of My Neighbor Totoro?

One of the studio’s most iconic films is My Neighbour Totoro, a tale of two girls in the countryside that meet a giant, cuddly cat named Totoro. There’s a child-like innocence that permeates the film – on the surface, it appears to be a message of hope and optimism explored through fantasy in times of hardship.

Is Totoro the God of Death?

The dark side supports that Mei dies when she gets lost, and Satsuki, not being able to live with this, opens the death’s door in order to reunite with her. Totoro is a Death God who came in order to take them. By the end of the film both girls are dead and, sadly, their mom will join them soon.

Does My Neighbor Totoro have a happy ending?

At the hospital, the girls overhear their parents talking about Yasuko’s health. Apparently, the girls’ mother has a minor cold, but aside from that, she’s feeling fairly well. Satsuki and Mei leave the fresh corn at their mother’s window and leave discretely. In the end, Yasuko is able to return home.

Why do they bathe together in My Neighbor Totoro?

FYI, in Japan, families often bathe together, with parents bathing with a child of the opposite sex up until puberty, and parents bathing with a child of the same sex long after that child is grown. This is seen as a family time of bonding, and has nothing to do with sex.

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What age is Kikis delivery service for?

The story is a simple one of a 13 year old girl leaving home and coming to learn about herself in a new setting. It will likely therefore not be interesting for kids under 6 but might also be too childish for children over 11. In terms of suitability though it really is suitable for all ages.

Is Spirited Away creepy?

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Spirited Away has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. When Chihiro and her parents find the abandoned theme park, there’s an eerie wind blowing and the place feels unsafe or even haunted. Chihiro thinks it’s a creepy place.

Does Totoro talk?

My Neighbor Totoro is about Mei and Satsuki meeting and befriending Totoro after they move out to a house in the Japanese countryside. The film never talks down to children, never treats them as if they are not emotionally intelligent. Totoro is what Barney is supposed to be.

How old is Mei Totoro?

Mei Kusakabe is the four-year-old sister of Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro.

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